What to Look For In A Home When Downsizing

August 21, 2018 12:00 am

A sweet older couple moving into their new homeWhen you begin looking for your new, smaller home, many things must be taken into consideration. You will want to decide where you are living and what you need to be happy. Follow the guidelines below when shopping for your downsized home.

Core functions – Decide which items in your home are non-negotiable and set those as a priority when you search for new homes. Maybe you need a home office or can’t see living without an outdoor patio or garden.

Single-level – If you are a senior citizen who is downsizing, or you plan to keep this house into your senior years, stick with a single-level home. As you age, you may not want to walk up and down stairs, so keeping the home as one level will make it easily accessible.

Entertaining – If entertaining is important to you, make sure you still have room to entertain. Many people downsize their homes, but still have interest in dinners and occasions with friends and family. Look for a smaller home that still has adequate area for entertaining.

Belongings – If you are not interested in being rid of most of your furniture, make sure you find a new home that can contain it. If you want to keep things such as furniture, art and heirlooms, find a home that suits your simpler lifestyle but has room for all your items.

Location – Decide what is important to you in a home’s location. Some people prefer to stay in an area that is similar to where they have been living, while some people want to be closer to family. Are you looking for more of a resort destination? All of these will be factors in where you will need to begin looking for your new home.

If you have questions about downsizing your home or would like to talk about financing options, call me today to set up an appointment.