Creating a Peaceful Home Workspace

October 29, 2020 10:34 am

Man working from homeWith many people still working from home across the country, having a calm work environment is key to reducing stress, staying on task and being productive. Here are some tips to help create a peaceful workspace in your home:

Workstation – Ensure that you have a proper workstation with a desk and a comfortable chair. Proper desk height and an ergonomic chair will help you maintain good posture and allow you to work at ease. Here you can find the best-rated ergonomic chairs.

Declutter – Keeping your workspace tidy will help clear mental clutter as well. Prioritize what you need, purge old files and make sure that everything has a place. Here are some products to help with desk organization.

Aromatherapy – Try lighting a candle or diffusing oils of scents that are believed to have a calming effect. Lemon, jasmine and lavender have been shown to reduce typing errors.

Natural light – Studies show that letting natural light into your workspace provides great benefits. According to a study by Cornell University, natural light can minimize headaches, reduce eye strain, improve productivity and lessen the chance of mistakes.

Plants – Much like natural light, houseplants are known to have properties that reduce stress, boost mood and make indoor air cleaner. Here are some great indoor plants for beginners.

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